Corporate Organization - Upfront Education Hong Kong
Upfront Education Centre
Upfront Management School
• Course Operators & Providers
• HRM of Teaching Team
• International Students Recruitment
• Academic Research & Development
• Joint Venture/Franchising
• Lectures Writing & Publication
• Certificate, Diploma & Degree Courses Delivery
• Specific/Professional Courses Providers
• Adult Continuing Education

Organization Chart of Upfront Management School:

Mr. Joseph CHAN, MA, DBA

Miss H.Y. CHAN, BCom, DipCIM, MSc

Program Director – Courses in Disciplinary Forces Training
Mr. David Y.K. CHAN, BSc, MBA, MCMI

Program Director – BTEC HNDs & Others
Mr. Calvic WONG, BBA, MBA

Art & Publication Director
Mr. Chester CHOI, BA (Hons), MCS

Public Affair
Miss P.Y. CHAN, BSc

Miss Anny SUN

Mr. Tony S.T. Ho, CPM
Mr. Sandy Macalister, MBA
Mr. Roger NG, CPA, FCCA, MSc