Research & Consulting Services

Upfront Education is also a research and training group providing accurate information and quality service for the clients in various sectors of industrial, commercial and governmental. The Group has been developing management and training programs/courses for strategic business partners and clients.

The main aim of the Group is to ensure that their professional experience and knowledge is able to provide cutting edge methodologies and solutions to enable their clients to increase their profitability.

The Group searches world wide for global practices, case studies and publications for benchmarking, while developing and refining training tools and research methods, and incorporating updated knowledge and scientific methodologies into its courses.

Currently the Group has over 30 trainers/consultants and works closely with multinational corporate, small and medium enterprises, universities and institutions.

The Group is an affiliate of Lien United A-P Limited (a long established marketing and publication organization founded since 1980 in Hong Kong).

Core Competencies:
Training Mindsets
Curriculum Editorial
Publication Experience
Management Consulting
Company Secretarial Practice
Advertising and Publicity Skills
Marketing Research and International Trade

Competency-based Learning:
The Group is focused on providing the right skill sets and curriculum while building the educational programs on sound academic foundations. The learning is focused on those subjects which are of high relevance and which are feasible and practicable enough to be performed and carried out. The founders of the Group include competency trainers, researchers and marketers in management and marketing, setting it apart from other training providers in the consulting industry.

Our Tools and Solutions:
On-line Tuition
Site Visit/Study Tours
Updated Computer Software
Contemporary Teaching Tools/Course Materials
Experienced Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers and Consultants